We wait for you...


          ... in Vieste on the Gargano. The sea is very clear,  the coasts are still wild where rocky spurs and pleasant beaches follow one another. 


         Picturesque landscapes, a lot of panoramic foreshortenings through  vineyards, olive-groves, woods and pastures. Then the National Park founded in 1995, including to a great extent the Promontory, and of which the Forest Umbra (over secular beech-wood of ten thousand hectares) is the most well- known and charming part.   


          In these extraordinary places, representing a sole world in a sense as to  the  surrounding  territory of South,  the Farm “CIMAGLIA” receives his guests,  offering  the  possibility to know not only the nature and the cultural heritage of   the Gargano, but also the agriculture  with the products of this land, and the   gastronomy bringing these products an the table with authentic skill.


          150 hectares in which there are vineyards, olive groves, fit for seed, woods and pastures for 400 Comisana  bred sheep, which with the camping dairy too, are producers by its own milk of our delicious cheese and  fresh ricotta. The guests, after being present at the milking and at the subsequent production, can taste the finished product.          


           Other specialities of the FARM “CIMAGLIA” are the wines “Donna Luisa”, “Moscato passito”, “Salso di S.Felice”, “Gargano”, "Bianco Teodora", "Il Vino del Padrone" and “Malvasia”.


              Visiting the cellar is an obliged stage and above all pleasant for the guests.


           Don’t miss the snack with bread, oil and a pinch of salt to taste completely the quality of our extra olive oil.


Dr. Matteo Cimaglia - Casella Postale 297 - Via Cimaglia n° 9

71019 VIESTE (FG)

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E-mail: agricimaglia@tiscali.it